Attributes of a Folding Wheelchair

Attributes of a Folding Wheelchair

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Once you decide to buy a wheelchair, you can get various types of it available on the market, you may opt for a folding wheelchair which is one of many widely used kinds of a wheelchair. This is basically the widely used choice of most handicapped athletes to use in competitions because it is practical, convenient and light in weight. This type of wheelchair is functional and relaxing. It offers an increased freedom of movement and lighter access. The parts of a folding wheelchair are incredibly complex which is very remarkable whenever you are already familiar with it.

Similar to regular wheelchairs, a folding wheelchair will go through a good deal of use and strain over time. What’s good with a folding wheelchair in comparison to some other standard wheelchairs is its flexibility, which can be bent or folded which makes it handy to transport. This implies when something breaks down, wheelchairs are usually easier to repair.

A folding wheelchair is much more transportable than a normal wheelchair. In the event the end user travels by car, the wheelchair can easily be folded down and put into the trunk or boot of your car. Over a standard wheelchair, you’ll still need a wheelchair lift or ramp to put the wheelchair inside the vehicle and could only fit into a even bigger vehicles like vans.

Furthermore, it is certainly a hassle-free when transporting a folding wheelchair.

When you are not using a wheelchair, it can just be folded up and stored away. This folding wheelchair is also very helpful to an individual who’s upper body is weak. This is because a folding wheelchair does not demand upper body strength or coordination to control and maneuver it.

A person who knows a lot about wheelchairs is most probably going to recommend you to get a folding wheelchair with a vertical x-frame. What’s good in this type of wheelchair is that it is thin, with lightweight structure. The structure makes it more portable and easier to transport and store compared to other types of wheelchairs.

According to American Medical Association, they found an issue on the stability of the wheelchair with vertical x-frame. The x-frame is designed to be folded side to side, right down its middle, instead of being folded forward. This aspect has been found to reduce the rigidity when the wheelchair is open. This made the manufacturers decide to pull out the vertical x-frames on their wheelchairs. Despite the issue on the x-frames, it is still popular up to these days because of its simple design and durability.

Hopefully you or your loved ones will never need to use a wheelchair. But if unwanted events occur and you need to use one, opting for a folding wheelchair is definitely a smart choice.